The Comets Gymfinity Program is a motor-coordination, physical education program with a strong emphasis on gymnastics. Not only will your son or daughter improve their loco-motor skill development (hopping, skipping, running, crawling, landing, swinging, leaping, etc) but they also will be introduced to preschool-early elementary social awareness skills (sharing, taking turns, courtesy, following rules, listening and directional skills, etc).

Students also get introduced to basic gymnastics skill development (climbing, rolling, hand support skills, balancing) as well as general physical fitness skills (catching, throwing, eye hand coordination, kicking).

This is all accomplished through a positive, fun, and energetic learning environment.


A safe and fun introduction to rolling, bouncing, twisting and all around movement awaits every child that enters our gym! From warming up their muscles to going upside down around the uneven bars, they will experience it all! We focus first on knowledge of the equipment and their comfort level with each event they visit. After introduction to vault, uneven parallel bars, balance beam, floor exercise and trampoline (oh yes, there are trampolines!), they will begin developing body awareness along with fundamental and foundational skills that apply not only to gymnastics, but all athletics! Every athlete progresses at different rates and times; for that very reason, there is never any pressure to attain certain skills, advance to another level or try and keep pace with any other participants in their class. We embrace individuality and celebrate success at all levels! Our Beginner Classes include three progressional Levels: Jumpers (Age 4), Rollers (Age 5) and Bounders (Ages 6/7).


The learning never stops! This class is designed to continue to build on the foundation that was laid during Beginner Gymnastics. While the basics are always reviewed and applied, it is now time to challenge what they’ve learned, refine their skills and develop more advanced techniques of execution! We will focus some more attention on how well the skills are executed and celebrate the improved form and consistency in skill growth. Their understanding of terminology, body shaping and conditioning will increase as they face new drills for skill maturity. In an ever evolving sport, they will be exposed to more practice time, new stretches, skills and coaching styles!



Mini Ninja is the entry level to an all new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and street dance. Mini Ninja embodies discipline, focused energy, and skill. Children learn combinations of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks on strength & agility courses.


Ninja Masters is an intermediate level of our ninja classes. Students will have the opportunity to add flips, kicks and agility into their training. Obstacle course become increasingly difficult. Students will also be working on increased strength and flexibility to build superior ninja skills.


This class is designed to teach girls and boys all the fundamentals of cheerleading. Motion placement, jump technique, cheers, dances, stunts and tumbling skills. Get your athlete prepared for school, rec or allstars cheer tryouts to successfully be ready to tryout when they decide to. This is also for athletes that may just want to try cheer and see if they like it. Come cheer with us in cheer 101.

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